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What on Earth, Does This Have To Do with That?

When I was 11, my mother, beautifully and patiently with diagrams and drawings explained to me, what menstruation is, why does it occur in female bodies. Of how its an egg that forms every month in the womb, that then, if I choose to have babies, can be fertilised by a man’s sperm, if not it would simply bleed out every month. These are not her exact words, but what I summarised for myself.

Shortly after, I had my first periods — mensuration, chumming, that time of the month — commonly referred to as, ‘I got down’. It was an intensity that I had never experienced before in my body, and, from this point onwards, came to know and refer to as pain, severe pain. It was literally down down down for me.

I was an athlete, a runner and tom-boyish. And, for some reason, I decided, that menstruation is the suffering that was brought upon women. That me being a woman was a curse, and that I couldn't run, I couldn’t be an athlete, I couldn’t do all that was fun for me, when I was chumming. That, it was something that required to be hidden and kept secret from men. And, that it’s going to be painful. And! Was I true to my word!? I created all of that and more. That time of the month was like, as if joy has been sucked out of my life.

Its funny to me now, that I would associate something that gives birth, that is the source of creation, as suffering and painful, rather than fun and ease. Was it true or just a point of view that I had bought as real and so solid, that it took years for me to get to a point of choosing to change it and allowing something different to show up?

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