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What if your voice is a gift to the Earth?

When I was a little girl, we moved in with my grandfather who had a small homegrown orchard with over 25 varieties. It would gift us the most delicious fruits all year round, the wealth of which was abundant. Even after being shared with all friends and family there was plentiful more to go around.

I often wondered what was it that created that?

He would be with his trees and plants everyday, care for them and more importantly have conversations with them, change things around, be aware of what they require, when they require. They were his pride.

He didn’t have much conversation with us but he would be more than happy to do so with the plants. Initially, I found that a bit strange but the more I started to be in the orchard I realised how much space and ease I could be when with the Earth.

As I would lie on the highest branch and had my own conversations with the oldest and the wisest mango tree, sometimes just about my homework from school, I would have this joy of being there and this knowing that I was a part of the Earth and it was willing to gift me, even clarity on my school work.

However, as I moved along, I started to soak in all the information about saving the Earth. Which was quite different from what I had come to know by being with it. And, started to give up on my awareness in favor of everyone else’s points of view.

All the information out there about saving and protecting the Earth can be quite mind-boggling and often not true. It can leave you with a sense that you must be doing it wrong, or of being a burden on the earth rather than a gift. What if you could turn that around with ease? Will you like that?

4 things you can choose to be your voice with the Earth.

Trust that you know

Others would be often confused by my grandfather's choice of spending more time with the plants rather than doing whatever it was that someone else expected him to do. He didn’t have a point of view about what they thought. He did what he had to do and loved doing - the fruits of which everyone was more than happy to receive when they reaped.

Be your voice, no matter what someone is going to judge you for. Its rather freeing when you don’t have a point of view about others points of view of you. You continue choosing what is fun for you and creating what you know is possible, whether anyone else is watching or following or not. What if you trusting your voice is what the Earth requires?

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