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Asking for more ease with your body

Interview by Sneha Rooh, Founder and Creator of Orikalankini, an organisation that is changing narratives around menstruation and sexuality in India through art, dialogue and theatre.

Thank you for speaking with us Eena! You facilitated a class called "Total ease @ that time of the month and beyond", can you tell us how that came to be?

Thank you for having me. That time of the month wasn’t always ease for me. In fact it would start before the actual day. Tempers and stress level would go high. The indications for menstruation date coming would be not liking me, disliking my body, unease. And during periods, would be black-outs, pain and mostly non-productive, non-creative. So when I could shift that for me and have ease and no trauma around it. And even enjoy my body and be happy. I wanted everyone to have it available as a possibility. That’s when I created the workshop.

What has changed with your body since you have gotten more attuned to it? I hated my body and the fact that I have to have mensurations. I couldn’t move and had to lie down in one position and take medication for the pain. Now, it’s easy-breezy, fun and joyful. I communicate and receive from my body with far more ease. She gives me gentle indications that I listen to now about when the date is near and what she requires. I recently had to travel to Rome and asked my body if she have the periods before. And, she did. So, yes, way less wrongness and judgement and more of allowance and creating together. Our bodies are way more than what we give them credit for. You work on the premise that holds our body as highly aware, can you tell us all the messages our body could be giving when we are perceiving menstrual cramps? Our bodies are always communicating with us and giving us information. It's different and changes for each of one of us. We seldom listen and that’s what creates the dis-ease. Which in turn we try to further shut down with medication or simply by making it wrong rather than asking a question as simple as, What are you aware of body? A lot of time acknowledging it can shift it, way before it becomes a problem we have to deal with. Our bodies desire to gift us what we ask for. So, what are you asking for? For ease or something else? It’s the same with menstruation. I became aware that I was asking for pain and trauma. I just had to change that to asking for what I would truly like. Can you tell us more about Access Consciousness® please? Access Consciousness® is a set of pragmatic tools, systems and processes that allow you to change everything and create anything you desire by knowing that you know. When was the last time someone asked you, "What do you know?". What do you know about your body that no body else does? You've also co-authored a book called 'Earth Healing', can you tell us what's in there? Earth Healing is a compilation of stories from different authors from all over the world inviting us to ask relevant questions, acknowledge, and step into our capacities and abilities in creating with the Earth. My chapter is called, 'What on Earth does this have to do with that?'. It’s my story and what it meant to be growing up in a social environment where women were being burnt for dowry and what effect was that having on my body, including menstruation and life. What questions I asked that shifted it for me dynamically and what does that have to do with the Earth? Do you think there is a connection between getting in touch with the Earth has something to do with ease in menstruation? Absolutely. Earlier mensuration would be allowed to drain into the Earth directly or in a cloth that would then be dug up into the Earth. Now that might not work in today's world yet what choice can you make that would allow you to be in communion with the Earth? We are getting more and more disconnected with ourselves and our bodies and the Earth. When you choose to be in communion more and more, and acknowledge that you are a gift to the Earth we call home, rather than a burden, it starts to shift and become easier and you have more choice. Anything you'd like that all of us take home from talking to you? When you include your body in your choice, it guides you to be, say, do, show that will expand your life. What will you like to create as your life? Listen to your body.


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