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Eena desires to invite people and businesses worldwide to access and provide what they have to offer to the world - their voice, capacities, creations and products - with ease.

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Eena has an experience of over 30 years of playing with diverse platforms of communication and creation. Some of them being theatre, puppetry, music, animation, photography, film, television, digital, phone apps, installations, murals, packaging, products, spaces, businesses, energy. She has been involved in creation and scaling up of many businesses and products with clients worldwide from a wide range of industries that include Citibank, Jet Airways, Unesco, Woodstock School, ATS Infrastructure, Open Possibilities to name a few that have contributed to her growth immensely.

Her joy in acknowledging, expanding & diversifying businesses, people & their capacities, excited her to start her first business in 2000, a graphic design firm on zero investment with a rented computer. Since then she has created many more, some that were short lived yet channeled totally different possibilities and some that continue to expand.

Eena is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Right Voice for You Facilitator. She plays with the tools and with individuals and businesses worldwide to create beyond limitations to limitless possibilities. She desires to invite more and more people, businesses and brands to benevolent capitalism that is about creating organic growth whilst wishing well for all.

She is also a bestselling author and international speaker. To invite her as a speaker or to facilitate a class email us at and we will respond to you at the earliest. If you will like to host one or more of her classes. Let's get started HERE!

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