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Uncreating Karma

Two Part Call with Alba & Eena . 21-22 July


All the places where you think you don't have choice...what if you did have choice? That's what we would like to invite you choice.

Karma, “it is the force created by a person's actions that some people believe causes good or bad things to happen to that person”.

If you believe in faith and destiny then you don’t believe in choice. Or power, specially your own. Life for you may be the sum of events that are just chance and unrelated things that just happen to you.

Oh we know! It may be very well that you were such a bad person that the only thing life has in store for you is pain and suffering.

But what if there was something way greater than that? What if you actually were able to guide and influence those chances?

What if the greatest power you have is to design your life and create the ease and happiness you would like to have?

Come on over and dwell with Alba & Eena and find out what could that be for you!

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